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Personal Freedom

The individual is of utmost importance and the individual’s rights should be protected. This is the role of government in our lives and government should never grow to the point of tyranny. Free speech and freedom of expression are two of the most important rights an individual has and those rights should be defended from those who would censor and silence people. With personal freedom comes personal responsibility.


The economy can grow by rolling back many regulations that get in the way of business competition. Harmful business taxes on enterprise and income do nothing to protect the worker and their earning potential. New Hampshire has a proud history of not having sales and income taxes, but the state makes up the difference by raising property taxes and fees. Free market economies are the best way to foster healthy wealth expansion for individuals and small businesses to pay higher wages and offer more jobs.


While the need for American citizens to keep up with their health is important, it is not the role of government to provide healthcare. Healthcare is purchased as a service and is therefore not a right to be provided by government. One of the ways to improve the healthcare industry, to make it more affordable, is to minimize the influence of insurance companies. Hospitals and clinics raise the prices of their services because of insurance costs.


I am a full proponent of school choice in New Hampshire. Parents absolutely have the right to make sure their children are receiving an adequate education that is not monopolized by the union driven government school system. The education system can be reformed by abolishing state and federal agencies, like the Department of Education, and make the education system in New Hampshire and others states more competitive. A merit based system for teachers would make the classroom learning experience better for the students and more incentivized for the teachers. After all, the children’s education is paramount.


The role of the military should be in defense of our borders only. Military interventionism has caused the world much calamity because the United States government believes in preemptive action rather than effective diplomacy. We are not the world’s police and must stay out of the affairs of other nations. To that end, I would propose exiting group alliances like NATO and the UN since these groups harbors too much of America’s resources with little return. Let us return to a homegrown national defense and stay out of senseless wars. 

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