Rep. Phinney’s Bill allowing performers to drink on stage passes the New Hampshire Legislature

May 29th, 2018

From KEVIN LANDRIGAN at the Union Leader:

CONCORD — Rochester Libertarian State Rep. Brandon Phinney said as a former band performer, he never understood how New Hampshire could ban drinking on stage.

So when he first got elected to the New Hampshire House in 2016, Phinney set out to do something about it and is now very close to striking paydirt.

With very little controversy and even less public debate, the state Senate and House have both approved his bill (HB 1285) to end that prohibition and to allow all “entertainers” and “dancers” to have a cocktail while performing on stage.

“I was really pleased to see how much support this bill got from across the political spectrum. Everybody sort of got the fact that this doesn’t make any sense,” Phinney said during a telephone interview.

Read the Full Story at the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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