The following is an editorial by Rep. Phinney published by Fosters on July 24th, 2017:

When I was campaigning for public office, I spoke to many of my constituents about current state issues. I talked about the need for fiscal conservatism, the need for a state budget that is balanced and sensible and I also discussed the role of government in our lives. That role does not include interfering with anyone’s personal agenda nor does that role mean taking more and more of taxpayer money. I made my points as a Republican candidate and as a Republican representative. Now I am a member of the Libertarian Party.

This switch in political affiliation is due to many concerns that I have with the direction of the Republican Party as well as its leadership. There have been many frustrations with the lack of cohesion within the caucus and the various divisions that exist. With the Republican Party in the majority, it would only make sense that, moving forward, Republican legislators would be willing to do what’s best for the people. But what I found was that both parties were seeking to manipulate potential legislation for political gain. The state budget is the prime example of irresponsible leadership and its desire to increase spending thresholds not sustainable for the long term. The people of Rochester and the state of New Hampshire deserve better.

We were elected to the People’s House to do the will of the people, for their interests and for the sake of limiting government interference in the lives of free citizens. I was not elected to do the bidding of a majority political party at the expense of my principles. Establishment partisan politics do nothing to protect the rights of people, but only serve to prop up big government with nefarious plans to irresponsibly spend our money and enact oppressive regulations. The Libertarian Party gives us the best possible opportunity to expand social freedoms, support a free market economy and ensure the checks and balances on government power are in place.

As a person and a Representative, I stand firm in my principles and feel that neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party truly represent the ideals of the citizens of New Hampshire. Ethics and reason are two important aspects of effective representation and I intend to continue to serve with tenacity, transparency and for the cause of expanding liberty in this state. I hope that my constituents will understand that it is not about political parties, but the cause of standing on one’s principles that have a positive impact on individual rights. Please feel free to visit my website at to learn more.

Rep. Brandon Phinney represents Rochester, District 24

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